Höstens fred
Setting: Mixed choir (SATB) & piano
Year of composition: 2000
Premiered: 2000 Mission Church, Södertälje, Sweden.
Duration: 8 min.

Composer’s note
Autumn has always been my favorit season of the year. I love the colors and the calm feeling it brings me. Almost like timelessness. Just like the poem describes.
I’m posting this more than 20 years after the performance and I can’t remember the name of the pianist. Unfortunately not even the writer of the poem. If anyone know how wrote it, let me know.

The poem (in Swedish).
“Tidlöshet, insvept i dimman som dämpar livets brus.
Löven faller varsamt. Glidflyger genom luften.
En stillhet så djup att också jag blir stående här.
Och lämnar mina bråda dagar som löv.
Dom tar mark under livets träd.”

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