Intermezzo – Reminiscent (min, pno)
Setting: Piano solo
Year of composition: 2023
Premiered: 01.06.23 Equmeniakyrkan Linköping, Sweden. Jacob Wessbo, piano.
Duration: 4 min

Composer’s note
I often create two versions of each piece, one in major and one in minor, and this is the minor version of ‘Intermezzo – Reminiscent (maj, pno).’ Which in turn is the second piece in the Intermezzo series. Reminiscent refers to the piece being reminiscent of the previous, but also because it reminds me of the piano music in between classical and pop music that is quite popular these days, even though I did not intentionally set out to create that kind of music. While I had already made a sketch for a flute and piano version in minor, I didn’t get around to writing the piano version until the day before the recording. In fact, I completed it just two days before the premiere of the piece!

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