Anders Forslund (f. 1978) is a Swedish composer currently living in Tallinn, Estonia. He has a degree in music composition from The Gotland School of Music Composition and one from The Academy of Music and Drama at the Gothenburg University. He writes both acoustic music (new work and arrangements) and electronic music, and has taken a great interest in combining acoustic instruments with live electronics, as well as implementing ideas from the studio into his acoustic music.

He has been active as an electronic musician in various constellations, such as the electronic music duo “RAUM”, together with composer Axel Rudebeck. Anders also performs the electronic parts in his own music, as well as the music of other composers.

Anders Forslund’s music has been performed at festivals such as GAS (Gothenburg Art Sounds), Music at Lake Siljan, Ljudvågor (Soundwaves), Siren, Nordic Music Days, MANCA and many more. His music can even be heard in churches, art museums and various clubs. In addition to performances in Sweden, the music of Anders Forslund has also been performed in Denmark, France, Estonia, and the US.

He has worked with various ensembles, orchestras, and musicians over the years, including the Gotland Wind Quintet, contemporary chamber ensemble Sonanza, string orchestra Musica Vitae, percussion ensemble Göteborg Modern, pianist Mårten Landström, artist Birgit Ramsauer, light designer Herbert Cybulska, author and journalist Inger Duberg, and many others.