04Dec 20


Yesterday I was informed that I have been granted a crisis scholarship from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. I am so grateful for this possibility during challenging times like we…

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19Mar 20
New Website Live!

New website live!

Welcome to my new website. I'm happy to finally be able to launch it. I want to thank my hard working designer Dejan Stanojevikj for a job well done! The…

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Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.
~ Victor Hugo

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I wrote this piece for my grandfather's funeral. It was performed by Jacob Wessbo on the piano. Unfortunately we did not make a recording of it. Here it is as a mockup demo instead. At the time of posting this video, April 19 2022, my grandfather would have turned 101 years of age. #pianomusic #intermezzo #funeralmusic #meditationmusic ...

I wrote this piece back in 1998 for my grandmother's funeral.
This recording with @martenlandstrom is from a concert in Visby 2001.

Time goes by but music persists.


#meditationmusic #pianomusic #sheetmusic #funeralmusic

The Salvation Army has certainly been a light in the darkness for many.

My piece, Bringing Light Into the Darkness, was performed for the first time October 24th 2021 by the Salvation Army brass band in Södertälje.

The piece is dedicated to the corps and written especially for their 125th anniversary which was celebrated with this concert.

#brassband #salvationarmy

I wrote this micro-piece for Kompass Ensemble 2020. Due to the pandemic, there was no concert. However, the ensemble very recently made a recording of the piece that I share here today.

You can hear it on Kompass Ensemble's website https://www.kompassensemble.de/insekten together with the other composers' micro-pieces for the same project or on my Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/f7dobuB6PDI #kompassensemble #microlude #machineelve #machineelves

From the Christmas Eve service in the Methodist Church in Tallinn December 24th, 2021. My arrangement of Joy to the World.

Many thanks to conductor Eivin Toodo, all participants and not least to those who jumped in at the last second because some of us could not participate.

Wishes for a Happy New Year!


#christmasmusic #joytotheworld

Scener ur Sveriges historia - Även stjärnorna går vilse
Utdrag ur en längre film av Karin Edvall om Sveriges historia.

Här har jag gjort en liten sejd som ackompanjerar avsnittet om völvan som kan se in i framtiden. Hela filmen ”Även stjärnorna går vilse” samt övriga filmer i serien kan ses på Karins Youtube-kanal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyCEGyqU9bxcY6NvY7jXdEQ/videos

Vill man köpa Karins sprillans nya roman "Medan skogen tiger" finns den att beställa här: http://ordvisor.com/shopping/product_details.php?product_id=807 😊 #sverigeshistoria #völva #filmmusik

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