Etude (Elektronische Musik)
Setting: Electro Acoustic (Stereo).
Year of composition: 2000
Premiered: 2000, Visby, Gotland School of Music Composition studio.
Duration: 1’59’’

Composer’s note
The music is created solely with electronically produced sounds in the computer program CSound.
This is similar to how so-called Elektronische Musik was created in Cologne (amongst other places) in the studio of the West German radio during the 1950’s and onwards. The sounds in this piece have been processed with very simple and basic tools such as reverse, stretch, transpose etc. using the software SoundDesigner. This is similar to the limited processing methods of sounds that were available in studios under the magnetic tape era. This etude was, in combination with Etude (Musique Concrète) composed simultaneously, my first attempt ever to create music in a studio.

Karlheinz Stockhausen, being one of the earliest pioneers of the so-called Elektronische Musik, had been told by his listeners that his electronic music gave them a sense of outer space, like flying or even being in an imaginary world. I think that for a lot of people, electronic music still has that same aura or feel to it.

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