Intermezzo – Carl-Erik (min, pno)
Setting: Piano solo
Year of composition: 2019 (rev. 2022)
Premiered: April 6, 2019, Mission Church, Södertälje, Sweden. Revised version premiered in Equmeniakyrkan (Uniting Church) Linköping, Sweden 01.06.23 Jacob Wessbo piano on both occasions.
Duration: 2 min

Composer’s note
Dedicated to the memory of my grandfather Carl-Erik Forslund (1921-2019). This piece is the first in a series of compositions named Intermezzo, each with a different title. It is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Carl-Erik Forslund (1921-2019). The Intermezzo series is intended to be approachable for both the performer and the listener, with a focus on simplicity and accessibility without being simplistic. This approach was inspired by my grandfather, who embodied a similar balance of modesty and sophistication in his character.

Intermezzo #1 “Carl-Erik” (for piano solo, 1 page digital download)


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