Oceans Apart
Setting: Vibraphone
Year of composition: 2021
Premiered: 01.06.23 Equmeniakyrkan, Linköping, Sweden.
Performer: Sofia Wik
Duration: 6,5 min

Composer’s note
This piece is based on a childhood lullaby called Byssan Lull I used to love. The first section, Echoes from a Distant Memory, creates a misty feeling in part by using extended playing techniques on the vibraphone. The melody disguised in the fog was popularized by a former sailor in Sweden. The second section, Coming Into Focus, clarifies the fog. That Sweet Melody features the disguised melody although a bit reworked. The piece eventually moves into a major key which symbolizes the future but keeps the same melody. The aim is to leave the listener in a meditative state and with a feeling of reminiscence.

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