Searching F.S.
Setting: Electro Acoustic (Stereo)
Year of composition: 2003 (The Lindblad Studio, Gothenburg, Sweden).
Premiered: 2004
Duration: 4’13’’

Composer’s note
Originally written for an event with the organization Swedish Fish but the piece was never performed there. Instead, the piece became part of a commission for two new pieces of electronic music for the
Literary Composition student’s exam performance in Gothenburg the following year, 2004. The theme for the piece was the letters (and musical notes) F, Eb and G. When pronounced in Swedish it sounds the same as the Swedish word for fish but with a Gothenburg accent. So, it’s a pun intended.
The piece is built, except for sea-like white noise and salty splashes, with precisely these pitches in the form of sinus tones creating a sound, or chord if you will, that come and go through the piece. The tones sound like they could derive from some kind of a search tool that penetrates area after area, far below the surface of the water, in search of some mystical object or being. Who knows? Maybe it is a “bad fish” or two lurking deep down in the ocean?

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